Long Term Pulpit Supply

This is my passion and preference.

Your church needs someone to preach regularly due to a pastoral absence or because of a long-term illness. You want someone who preach the Word of God in a way that will build up the saints and encourage them in their walk with Christ and each other. You want someone who can, in the absence of a lead preaching pastor, illumine the hearts and enlighten the minds in a way that will encourage people week after week, supporting the ministry of the church. You want someone who has no agenda other than to edify the congregation and fill the pulpit during an interim period.

You want to have confidence that a preacher will not stir up controversy; he will not contribute to division or harm the congregation when he preaches. You want someone who is committed to ministering the Word of God in an expository way to bless the people of God and prepare them for the next pastor.

This is the service I seek to provide for your church. To contact me, click here.

Calm day at Portage Riverwalk and Lakefront
Not so calm day at Portage Riverwalk and Lakefront
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