David Webb and I were at Grace Seminary forty years ago.  I appreciated his ministries moving forward from that time. Over the past couple decades, we have become close as fellow ministers in Northwest Indiana.  I can attest to his exegetical skills and adherence to sound biblical doctrine.

David Guess, Pastor 
Faith Fellowship, Valparaiso, Indiana

David Webb was the Chairman of the Calumet Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches when I became pastor at my church. I so appreciated not only his leadership, but his heart and passion for the local church. He and Kathy became close, personal friends to my wife and I, and I would frequently contact him when I had a particularly difficult counseling situation. In my mind, David has always been a faithful expositor of the Word and a wise leader.

Larry Starett, Pastor
Open Bible Church
Chesterton, Indiana

I have known David since our college days at Baptist Bible College, now CSU. He is an individual that is genuine, faithful to the Lord and His work, and is committed to expository preaching. We reconnected and had a lot of contact and fellowship together through our local and state pastors’ fellowships. I had the opportunity for about ten years to pastor a church down the road from him. We pastored in the same town and had great fellowship together. Our churches worked seamlessly together, without conflict. David previously pastored one of the churches I pastored, and he was well respected by the people, and the people were well taught. It is my privilege to recommend David to be used as a pulpit supply in your church.

Wayne A. Manago
Calvary Baptist Church
Quincy, Illinois

David Webb is a godly man, an excellent Bible preacher, and a seasoned minister of the gospel. I highly recommend him to you.

Doug Schroeder
Senior Pastor, Emmanuel Church, Bloomington, IN
Executive Director, Crossroads Fellowship of Churches

I can tell you that David Webb always had the ability to challenge my walk with our God. He was a pastor that I felt when asked a question, would always answer you through what God’s word had to say about it, never giving his own personal spin on the subject. 

Dave Mezzera
Member of Central Baptist Church during David Webb’s 17-year tenure there

Whether it has been a last-minute call on a Saturday night or a scheduled visit months in advance David Webb has shown himself to be both competent in the Scriptures and meets the needs of the ministry.  IMBC has had no issues with David Webb’s punctuality, has been very approachable through the whole process, flexible in how we need him to fill in, and most of all the people have enjoyed his sermons on multiple occasions.  If your church is needing pulpit supply, training, or just guest speaker, whether for a quick fill in or scheduled months in advance, David Webb is great option for your ministry. 

Ryon Lee Adcock
Pastor at Inland Manor Baptist Church

I have always known Pastor Webb to show such great insight and explanation of the Word. Even as a Bible college graduate and a full-time missionary, when I first starting attending a church he pastored, I was spiritually fed by his teaching. He handled the text well and let us know when even the “experts” disagreed or were not conclusive on the meaning of a passage. Not only could he teach, but he could pastor. We developed a meaningful relationship with him and his family. We knew we were cared for by him. I specifically remember a Wednesday night series on 1 & 2 Kings. As I learned, I couldn’t help but think, “People don’t know what they’re missing!” It was great. Even our young children could understand and paid attention well since his delivery was engaging for younger children and teens. I specifically remember our 8-year-old son (youngest) never wanting to miss one part of his series on Revelation.

Kathy Brittain, ABWE Missionary to Liberia

David Webb has the heart of a Pastor and the theological understanding of a seminary professor. His preaching is both scholarly and practical. Kathy and David love people and having fun. They have godly Christian character that is worth emulating and a joy to be around.

Bill Brittain B.S. M.S. ABWE Missionary to Liberia

January 2018-June 2019 at Prairie Baptist Church Interim Preacher


I am a deacon at Prairie Baptist Church in Noblesville, Indiana. We were in need of an interim pastor as our pastor had decided to leave the church. Pastor Webb was referred to us by Doug Schroeder with the GARBC. Pastor Webb lives 3 hours one way from our church so we thought it was a long shot, but I called him anyway and asked if he would be interested in talking with us and he said he would. This lead to him preaching at our church on Sundays for a year and a half. To be honest I am not sure what we would have done if it were not for his willingness to drive all that way week after week to minister to us.

He is a very good preacher. His messages are expository and he makes the passage relevant to everyday life. I feel that his messages helped me to grow as a Christian and I will miss hearing him preach. During his time with us he preached from Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Matthew “Sermon on the Mount” and Psalms.

Deacon at Prairie Baptist
John Hood, BS Purdue University

Our church definitely benefitted having David Webb as our interim pastor for almost two years.  It gave our congregation stability and continuity while we searched for a pastor. We were blessed by the depth of knowledge he has in the Bible and the experience he has in preaching. He was a great source of wisdom and experience. Kathy was pleasant and greeted everyone each Sunday with a cheerful disposition.  She was an asset to her husband’s ministry.

Karen Long
Organist, Retired Missionary

I had hoped he would remain as our pastor/teacher. He is among the best exegetes and communicators I have been privileged to know.  He helped clarify the meaning of difficult passages rather than shying away from them. I never had any reason to believe he was attempting to change the church’s culture or traditions to meet a personal agenda. Kathy is a very gracious and pleasant lady, a fine asset to her husband’s ministry.

Robert LeBreche
Retired Christian Educator
MS MIT, MA Dallas Theological Seminary

I have to say that Anne and I always looked forward to his messages on Sunday. We can honestly say that his messages were always biblical, accurate, interesting, challenging and yes, convicting, and edifying. I guess that’s why the leaders asked if he would become our pastor. 

Fred and Anne Stonehouse
Missionaries to Germany and Scotland 47 years

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