Teaching Interests

Various teaching subjects which David Webb enjoys


  • Inerrancy
    • Explained and Defended
    • What About Variants?
    • A Biblical Definition for Inerrancy
  • Authority
  • Sufficiency
  • Illumination of the Scriptures
  • Versions
  • The Need for Biblical Preaching


  • Understanding the Definition of Anger
  • Expressions of Anger
  • Wrong and Right Expressions of Anger
  • Goals in Anger
  • Handing Anger God’s Way

Verbal Abuse

  • Definitions of Verbal Abuse
  • Dangers of Verbal Abuse
  • How NOT to Handle Verbal Abuse
  • How to Handle Verbal Abuse
  • Winning in Verbal Abuse
  • Goals in Verbal Abuse

Ecclesiology: Doctrine of the Church

  • Key Elements in a Biblical Local Church
    • What a Biblical Church Is
    • What a Biblical Church is NOT
  • Leadership in the Local Church
  • Governance in the Local Church
  • Documents of a Local Church
    • The Bible
    • Articles of Faith
    • Church Covenant
    • Church Constitution
  • The Importance of Attendance and Membership in a Local Church
  • The Focus of a Local Church

Marriage, Home and Family

  • The Biblical Basis of Marriage
  • The Role of the Husband
  • The Role of the Wife
  • Keys for Raising Kids
  • Keys for raising Teenagers
  • The Hope for Marriage
  • What about Divorce and Remarriage
  • Unbiblical Concepts and Agendas

Sanctification: How a Christian Grows and Changes

  • Various Passages

Determining the Will of God for Your Life

  • You Have Heard that it Has Been Said . . .
    • Traditional, Yet Unbiblical Concepts of this Subject
  • But I Say to You . . .
    • Focusing on What the “Will of God Is” and Why Getting this Right Matters
  • Wise Decision-Making in the 21st Century
    • Whom To Marry?
    • What Career to Pursue?
    • The Day to Day Items
    • General Principles
After the Storm, or “I can see clearly now . . .”
Gray windy day at the breakwater
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