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The good life–the one that truly satisfies–exists only when we stop wanting a better one. Swindoll, Ragged Edge, p. 21

The more you hunt for pleasure, the less of it you find.  Kidner, Comm on Eccl, p.  31 

We are not the helpless victims of our nature, temperament and environment. What we become depends largely on how we behave; our character is shaped by our conduct. Stott, Galatians

My responsibility as a preacher of the gospel and a teacher in the church is not to preserve and repeat cherished biblical sentences, but to pierce the heart with biblical truth, Piper, Desiring God, p. 54

If I believe God exists to give me what I want, I will burn when he doesn’t deliver.   Powlison. JBC, Fall 1995

“. . . the love of God in our culture has been purged of anything that culture finds uncomfortable. The love of God has been sanitized, democratized, and above all, sentimentalized. . . . Today most people seem to have little difficulty believing in the love of God; they have far more difficultly believing in the justice of God, the wrath of God and the non-contradictory truthfulness of an omniscient God. “The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God”
― D. A. Carson

The true obstacle to unity is not the presence of legitimate differences of opinion but self‑centeredness.” Moises Silva on Phil 2:3

God is more interested in what he is doing in us than in what we are doing for him. Kaynor, When God Chooses

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