People of the Way

Christians did not influence or transform their culture by political activism. They did not influence through status or wealth. It becomes clear that the primary way of influence was through transformed behavior coupled with transformed attitudes coming from lives transformed by the Gospel. The Gospel changes people. This transformation makes them winsomely different from people of the world.

Great News for 2021

Recently, President-elect Biden told us that “Things are going to get worse before they get better.” The year 2020 has been a year of unprecedented bad news. The Covid-19 death rate continues to climb as the year comes to an end. Experts are fearful it will continue to climb in the first months of 2021.Continue reading “Great News for 2021”

A Bright New Day is Coming

As I write this 23rd day of August, 2020, life is so different than it was eight months ago. The nation, the nation, not to mention the world, is gripped with the Covid-19 pandemic that has shut down businesses and churches and caused quarantining. It has many uncertain about its origin and severity. Many areContinue reading “A Bright New Day is Coming”

Did Jesus Endorse Riots?

The story of Jesus clearing the temple (John 2:13ff) is used as justification for the rioting, looting and destruction of property going on today. I do not intend to be argumentative. I do intend to shed light on a misused passages of Scripture. Take a minute to read this: 1) According to F.F. Bruce, biblicalContinue reading “Did Jesus Endorse Riots?”

When God Seems Distant–Brief Thoughts

Recently someone told me that God seemed distant and asked me why that happens.   When God Seems Distant. . . First, many saints of God have gone through what you are going through; see for example Job 23:1-4. Spurgeon struggled with depression. You are not alone in this. Second, what is apparent (what seems toContinue reading “When God Seems Distant–Brief Thoughts”

Is There Any Reason To Obey God When Obedience Won’t Change An Undesirable Outcome?

Is there any reason to obey God when your obedience won’t change an undesirable outcome into a more desirable one? What if God told you, “Nothing you do, no obedience of any kind will change an undesirable outcome into a more desirable outcome?” Would you still do right? Well, that is exactly what happened toContinue reading “Is There Any Reason To Obey God When Obedience Won’t Change An Undesirable Outcome?”