Christmas 2020 Thoughts and Wishes

Thoughts: Many of us will remember this as the Christmas of Covid-19. Many of us know people who have had it, and some who have died from it. If you have lost a loved one for any reason my heart breaks for you this season.  Somehow, losing a loved one to Covid puts a gloomierContinue reading “Christmas 2020 Thoughts and Wishes”

Better Together: Churches of Like Faith Need Each Other

God is good to give believers the church. The church is his idea for the benefit of believers, the advancement of the kingdom and the glory of God.  While there are churches who have turned to a “different Gospel “(Gal 1:6) that need to be avoided, it is clear that there are churches of likeContinue reading “Better Together: Churches of Like Faith Need Each Other”

Marriage is Just A Piece of Paper???

Marriage is just a piece of paper? I hear statements like this often: “Marriage is more than a piece of paper. It takes trust, loyalty, love, faithfulness . . . .” So why get married? Of course a good marriage takes all those qualities and more, but is that the best way to think aboutContinue reading “Marriage is Just A Piece of Paper???”

Some Biblical Thoughts On Being Offended

Some Christians/people take offense when none is intended. If I am offended, I have responsibility, Matthew 18:15-18. I can either deal with the offense biblically, or Let love cover it, believing the best about people, see below, Proverbs10:12. If I am easily offended, I may be ultimately selfish and not loving in some areas of myContinue reading “Some Biblical Thoughts On Being Offended”

Did Jesus Endorse Riots?

The story of Jesus clearing the temple (John 2:13ff) is used as justification for the rioting, looting and destruction of property going on today. I do not intend to be argumentative. I do intend to shed light on a misused passages of Scripture. Take a minute to read this: 1) According to F.F. Bruce, biblicalContinue reading “Did Jesus Endorse Riots?”

When God Seems Distant–Brief Thoughts

Recently someone told me that God seemed distant and asked me why that happens.   When God Seems Distant. . . First, many saints of God have gone through what you are going through; see for example Job 23:1-4. Spurgeon struggled with depression. You are not alone in this. Second, what is apparent (what seems toContinue reading “When God Seems Distant–Brief Thoughts”

Is There Any Reason To Obey God When Obedience Won’t Change An Undesirable Outcome?

Is there any reason to obey God when your obedience won’t change an undesirable outcome into a more desirable one? What if God told you, “Nothing you do, no obedience of any kind will change an undesirable outcome into a more desirable outcome?” Would you still do right? Well, that is exactly what happened toContinue reading “Is There Any Reason To Obey God When Obedience Won’t Change An Undesirable Outcome?”